Bowling Ball Review – Axiom by Storm

Product Specifications:

    • Lane Condition-Medium-Heavy
    • RG – 2.48
    • Differential-.050
    • Core- Symmetric -Orbital
    • Brand- Storm
    • Performance- HighPerformance
    • Coverstock- Solid-NeX
Review – The Axiom will allow you to open up your angles early and will get the ball started early in the midlane. The Axiom is essentially Storm’s version of the Idol although a little heavier rolling and more continuous down lane. I would recommend the Axiom as a ball for heavier oil league conditions and good use for fresh medium sport patterns. For Average house bowlers with lower ball speeds the Axiom works very well on house condition. The Axiom will pick up early and not over react on the back end because of the symmetrical (orbital) core. The Axiom can be used for sport patterns and house shots giving versatility. I will say the Axiom has a little more down-lane reaction than the Phase II. The Axiom roles pretty early so I personally would not use it as a benchmark ball. I do believe it would be great in my arsenal as well as yours especially when you need a ball to pick up early and have strong continuous backend motion.
Product DescriptionThe Orbital Symetric Core, you can expect a strong midlane read without losing any backend motion. The Orbital Core has a low RG which is good for midlane read and a perfect compliment with the NeX Solid Cover. Factory Finish: 3000 Grit Abralon, Flare Potential: Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs – 2. 47; 15lbs – 2. 48; 14lbs – 2. 53, Differential (Diff): 16lbs – 0. 048; 15lbs – 0. 050; 14lbs – 0. 049 Intermed. 

Here is what Storm has to say about the Axiom:

Design is thinking made visual. In Storm’s case, it’s design materialized. We understand that the perceptible is as important as the tangible. NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm’s earliest reading cover to date. NeX Solid was remarkably earlier hooking than NRG on any pattern, or any surface we tested it on. We love all things new at Storm, and the Orbital Core is no exception. This modern take on an established concept has us stirring with excitement. The Orbital Core has a distinctly low RG axis which further complements the midlane read for which NeX was developed.

Rankings: 9.0 out of 10.0 (Highly Recommended)
Price: $154.95 Storm Axiom Bowling Ball- Sky Blue/Navy/Slate 16lbs

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Bowling on Medium Dry and Dry Lane Conditions

A lot of bowlers who just start a league and even experienced bowlers struggle with dry lane conditions. Dry lane conditions can be very very frustrating for all levels of bowlers.  Bowlers just starting seem to go for purchasing the big strong hooking high end bowling balls which typically do not match up with dry lanes.

Dry Lanes – Heads (Front), Mid-Lane (Middle), Back-End (End)

  • To understand dry lanes a bowler must first understand that there are different areas of the lane that could be dry.
  • The heads are the front part of the lane after the foul line for simplicity sake the first 15 feet of the lane before the arrows. Most bowlers in league have at least a little hook. So a very simplistic way to tell if the front part of the lane is dry is to pay attention to your bowling ball when you lay the ball down on the lane. Watch if your ball is immediately going left if you are right handed or the opposite for left handers. An easy way to observe if your ball is not rolling down lane as usual and hooking immediately at your feet the heads (front) are probably super dry.  Many bowlers do not even pay attention to the front part of the lanes, so please pay close attention to the front part of the lane because if you do you will be one step a head of a lot of bowlers.
  • When the midlane is dry the bowling ball will hook early in the middle part of the lane sounds simple enough but you would be surprised to know most people do not look at where the ball is hooking. Mainly people just say the lanes are really dry.
  •  With back-end dryness you typicall will see the ball roll through the heads and midlane then do a violent turn on the back of the lane. The whole lane could be dry which is a completely different story. lol.

Bowling Balls Characteristics For Medium Dry and Dry Lanes?

First thing to look for when choosing a ball for dry lanes is to purchase a non-aggressive bowling ball. Typically, look for polished, shiny, and poly-urethane (coverstock) are all recommended for dry lane conditions. Bowling balls have 2 types of cores:

  • Symmetrical Core: Typically more consistent and motion overall, (used more on dry, medium dry, to medium oil lane conditions)
  • Asymmetrical Core: More aggressive, more angular shape down lane, responds quicker to friction (used more on Heavy, medium oil lane conditions).

What bowling ball should I get for medium dry to dry lanes?  

Below are some highly recommended balls for medium dry to dry lanes:  


Drilling Option layouts Medium Dry and Dry Lanes?

This may sound too simplistic but seek a professional such as a Bowling Shop operator.  There are many different ways to drill to help combat different lane conditions.

Factors to Consider when choosing a drilling layouts:

  • Your Bowling Style (I am assuming if you are choosing bowling balls for lane conditions you know your style) if not ask the Pro shop operator to watch you throw a few balls.
  • Ball Speed – Very Slow (12-13 MPH), Slow(13-15 MPH), Medium(15-17 MPH), Fast(18-20 MPH), (21-25 MPH) Very Fast
  • What are you looking for your ball to do? Examples: roll earlier, roll later, read the mid-lane, strong continuous roll, strong back end reaction?
  • Tip- pay attention to bowlers with similar styles and pay attention to what is working for them? Examples- What type of ball are they using? How is it drilled? Pin location? Etc.


Research Help Internet:

Some sites I use all the time when choosing bowling equipment and/or needing advice include: - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day


  • Once I find what I am looking for I do check Amazon to get a feel if I am getting a good deal or not? If I am getting a good deal from one of the recommended sites I like to order directly from these sites because their guidance, advice, and vast knowledge they have led me to my choose of bowling ball and/or equipment.


  • For you visual learners I also enjoy checking out Youtube and really enjoy the channels- Brad and Kyle, JR Raymond, and Ronald Hickland Jr


The more serious you get at bowling the more complicated it can become. My advice is too focus on one task or piece of knowledge you are looking for at a time.

I started this site to help beginner bowlers but really enjoy helping bowlers of all skill levels and the best advice again for all levels is too try and not overwhelm yourself and enjoy bowling and take everything one step at a time.

Bowling on medium dry to dry lanes can be very frustrating but it does not have to be! Hopefully, this article helps with getting the basic knowledge on how to bowl on these lane conditions.

For my more advanced bowlers hopefully you picked up something? If not check out the different bowling sites I have recommended.

Please let me know if any of this advice has helped or if you learn anything from my highly recommended sources?

I would really appreciate any feedback? Thanks again!






















Joining a Bowling League – What to Expect?

Joining a bowling league has many benefits!

The most important thing is bowling is so much Fun!

When you are like me and work from home it forces you to get out and socialize. A huge benefit for me is an escape from technology. I am on my computer and phone all day as many of us are and for me it is really nice just to hang out with friends and do something I enjoy without being tied to these devices. With that being said, nowadays many people bowling just sit and stare at their phones all night go throw their shot and come right back and stare at their phones. Seriously, what is the purpose of even going bowling or getting out? Sorry, I am now just venting and not writing an article but it is a huge pet peeve of mine! People try to enjoy life a little and get off your damn phones! OK, so where was I? Oh yeah, I will go over some of what can you expect when joining a league?


Joining a league the biggest expense is your weekly pay in. Typically, you should expect to pay $20.00 – $30.00 dollars per week. Also, expect to pay to weeks up front the first week. When you are just starting and not in any other leagues you will have to pay a Sanction fee once per year and that is usually $25.00. Buy your own bowling shoes right away. Renting bowling shoes will cost $4.00 – $6.00 dollars per week. I don’t care if you get cheaper bowling shoes just get them because you will pay way more if you rent them. Bowling alley shoes suck anyways! Other expenses could include cost for food, beer, and lyft or uber if you drink too much. Lol You will get paid at the end of the season and how much depends on what place you finish. I hope this helps these are just the basic expenses. For bowling shoes check:

Up to 70% Off Bowling Shoes + Free Shipping Fast at!
Reserve the your bowling gear at before it is even released!

Lane Conditions

Yes there are different lane conditions. Changes in lane conditions come from different bowling allies, different lanes, who is bowling on the lanes, amount of oil, house pattern vs sport pattern leagues. This is more of an introductory to lane conditions and I will get into a lot more detail in later articles to help in the future and for people advancing with their bowling skills. A typical house shot is heavily oiled in the middle of the lane, usually out to the 10 boards on each side (10 board is the second arrow on each side). The oil in the middle usually goes to about 30 to 40 feet. Each bowling alley could have some variance but that is a basic start. Multiple people are bowling on the same lanes at the same time, therefore, the lane conditions will change during league. Typically, on a house shot the outside will start drying up first and you will have to move left if your ball starts hooking too much. When you are missing the head pin to the right on a house shot you will need to move right on average. There are a lot of ways to attack a house pattern and most people bowl in the same area. I will have a detailed article on lane conditions in the future.

Have Fun

Bowling is fun. Enjoy, talk to people. It amazes me how serious some people get about their bowling. While I understand being competitive, I believe if you are getting that competitive join a sport leagues or start bowling tournaments. I also understand getting upset but most bowlers bowl recreationally and there to have fun. Please do not ruin the vibe for everyone. I know this is a foreign concept but socializing is actually healthy but I see so many people stare at their phones the whole time (see above rant on my feelings on this topic).


This article is more for a novice bowler looking to join a league. Give it a try is what I say and can be done year round no matter the climate. For those who are thinking of joining a league or recently have I would love to hear your thoughts? I also always love hearing Bowling league stories of ridiculous over the top league bowlers or terrible bowling alley’s? Lol

Bowling Practice (Keep it Simple)

Once I started really enjoying and getting into bowling I wanted to get better really fast. This is what people do not understand in general, they have know idea how technical bowling is! When starting to practice you learn really quick and will think to yourself, “Wow, there is a lot more to bowling than I thought!” When I started I felt my brain was going to explode and didn’t know where to start. Just a few things that went through my mind “what type of bowling equipment do I need?” “Crap there are like 50 options for shoes and like a million options for bowling balls?” “Wow, bowling balls are expensive!” “How should I get my ball drilled?” “What should I practice first?” “How do I hold the ball?” “How many steps should I take?” “How do I release the ball?” “Where do I stand?” “What? there are different oil patterns on the lanes?” “I have to move and adjust?” “Where do I stand for spares?” etc. etc. LOL.

Where do I even start?

One thing at a time!

I am assuming if you are at the practice level that you at least have your own bowling shoes and at least 1 bowling ball of your own. What I have learned real quick when practicing is to plan and work on one thing at a time when starting to practice. I am going to keep this section real simple. Practice one thing at a time and absolutely do not pay attention to your score at all! Sounds easy right? Nope, it is so easy to think of something else when you are practicing to work on. It is also super easy to pay attention to what others are doing next to you and want to start scoring just because a lot of us are naturally more competitive than we think. I don’t care what it is you want to practice but pick it and focus on it period.Pick something and if you can’t decide you can always practice with someone you trust or get a coach. I will warn anyone learning that everyone loves giving advice and it will all be different. I have also learned that most people have know frickin idea what they are talking about so be very careful who you listen too and I just learned not to even ask especially during league. Getting too much advice from to many people will only give you a huge headache!

Spares! Spares! Spares!

bowling ball pins

Oh man, this is so simple if you want to get your average up immediately work on spares! Amazingly though I rarely see anyone working on spares when they practice. During league though you will hear a ton of people upset about missing spares (also known as bitching). Even if you practice one game on a particular common spare you leave each week (such as a 10 pin) and start picking it up even 20% more your average would easily go up 10 pins or more. For beginners, it is recommended to use the Bowling 3-6-9 spare system you can check =>, Inc., FREE SHIPPING, Every Item, Every Day – No Minimums. It’s Where Bowlers Go!

Should I get a coach?

Pick something are real serious at about getting better quick get an experienced knowledgeable coach. A couple things about coaches to consider is personality, experience and expenses of lessons. Does your personality fit theirs? How much experience do they have? Do your research? How much does each lesson cost?

I will say that the right coach and sticking with consistent coaching can help exponentially, especially when new. A good coach can you specific things to work on and free your mind from all the clutter.

I hear some people say never get a coach, but I mean think about it even the best bowlers in the world get coaching.


Form First Please man bowling

I really believe this is important. Yes, I believe you should get a new ball and spare ball drilled for your best fit but I see some people keep buying new equipment over and over in hopes to help their game. Yes, the more advanced you get as a bowler you will definitely need an Arsenal. I can tell you how many people I see buying all kinds of equipment and can barely pick up 30%-50% of non-split spares (make able spares). These same people can only hit their mark they are looking at like 1 out of 5 tries if they are lucky. Seriously, why spend $200 dollars per ball over and over and not get any better.Pick something really want to get better when starting work on spares, timing, release, reading lanes, accuracy. Instead of spending all this money on equipment when you start try getting a coach which would be much more valuable it you actually want to get better.


I really hope the message I got across in this article is to focus (keep it simple) when practicing. Work on repeating shots, practice spares always, and get help (from the right person/coach) first before buying all kinds of equipment. I see some people with like 8 bowling balls and can’t even average 200 on a house shot! A lot of those same people are always complaining. Just a pet peeve of mine, bowling leagues are a great place for enjoying yourself and a great release for a lot of us from long work days and a break from the pressures of life, and it sucks bowling with or against people that bitch and complain the whole time and this goes for the high average players as well! There are tournaments and scratch leagues for more serious bowlers. Sorry for venting at the end but man what a buzzkill some people are.

Let me know what you think about practicing? Any tips? Thoughts on coaching?

Thanks again and I really appreciate any feedback!

If you want to improve quicky I highly recommend =>


Buying a Bowling Ball

So now you are bowling more often, joined a league or just enjoy bowling for entertainment. You want to improve and you want to purchase a bowling ball. Maybe you have a ball and have been bowling in a league for awhile and are now ready to move up to newer better equipment. I remember when I first started trying to pick and buy a ball it was crazy! There are so many options. We will try to give you a little guidance to hopefully help in your decision.

Where do I start looking?

When you start looking you will soon find out that there are many options for buying bowling balls. Personally, I recommend especially for your first bowling ball to start with your pro shop owner in your local bowling center. The pro shop operators are very knowledgeable in what they are doing. Second, I would actually ask them to watch you throw the ball a couple of time to gauge your personal style and skill level. In the pro shops there are usually a lot of different types of bowling balls for all skill levels. Another huge value of the pro shop operator is their knowledge of your bowling center. They will know the typical oil pattern and lane conditions for your bowling alley.

Buying a ball online and cost?

I just detailed what I recommend for getting your first ball especially. What other options are there? Obviously, the big one the internet! So this is where it can get overwhelming with so many options. There are many bowling ball sites, amazon, eBay, etc. I will be doing reviews of these websites in up coming articles that should help.

Here questions buying online you will have especially for beginners and even some more advanced bowlers:

  • Where do I start?
  • How expensive are bowling balls?
  • Should I purchase new or used?
  • What should I start with?
  • I have to pay for drilling?
  • I have no idea how I want the ball drilled?
  • There are so many brands?
  • etc.? etc.? etc.?
  • Recommended Ball of The Day!

The more you look into buying a ball online the questions never end. Again, keep it simple when buying your first ball use your pro shop first it will take away a lot of stress and believe me I know! lol! Another big thing to keep in mind is the cost of drilling a ball? If you go online and see a ball you saw in the pro shop for cheaper remember the cost of drilling is not included. Drilling is not cheap usually around $40 – $60 dollars per ball. There are some sites that will drill for you at a cost but if you are new you will not know your drilling specs anyway.

Buying a ball online does have many benefits though. Yes if you know what your doing you can save money. When looking bowling balls typically run from $50.00 to $250.00 depending on what you are purchasing (remember the drilling cost). Inserts for your finger and thumb can range between $5.00 – $30.00 per insert. Sometimes they have auctions at eBay for example where you can bid on a ball and save money if you have a budget you need to keep to it. There are also many more options of bowling balls and every brand to choose from. Time saving you can buy a ball without having to go to the pro shop and you can drill it when you are ready or have it drilled before it gets there if you trust the online company you are dealing with. I will be recommending a few options to hopefully help condense your search.

If you insist on buying online I do recommend Bowling.Com they have a fantastic ball selector tool to help with your selection.

What the heck is the coverstock?


Urethane            Reactive                  Plastic

The coverstock is the outer shell of the bowling ball. It is one of the main factors in the hook potential of a ball. When you go online you will have many options to choose from and the different type of coverstocks can help or hurt depending on your skill level and the lane condition you are bowling on. If you are new I will have future articles on lane conditions and different oil patterns.

Just examples of the main coverstocks:

  • Plastic (usually used for spares)
  • Urethane (good beginner ball and also good for many sport pattern conditions)
  • Solid Reactive (all the reactive bowling balls have many uses for beginners and mainly what the pros use, although urethane is making a comeback for the pros)
  • Pearl Reactive
  • Hybrid Reactive

Again, new bowlers I advise to ask your pro shop operator to make it easier. No matter how advanced you get it is still super helpful to use a pro shop operator or a coach who know your game really well. You never stop learning when it comes to bowling which makes it fun, challenging, and can be frustrating at times lol the more advanced you get.

Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical Core

Like I said earlier there can be a lot to purchasing a bowling ball. The core is the inside of the ball. An Asymmetrical core creates a more aggressive movement. Symmetrical core creates a more consistent and usually smoother overall on any conditions.

Symmetrical core can be good for beginners in my opinion as well.

Final Thoughts (drilling)

When you are first purchasing a ball have it drilled in person with a pro shop operator. When you get more advanced you will learn there are many drilling layouts and different inserts. Also, a big point you will run across, is do I get a standard drill (such as how the house bowling balls are drilled) or get it drilled more spread out which is using fingertips? If you are going to purchase a ball and spend money drill it fingertip with your pro shop operator. It will be weird at first but in the long run it is much better for improving you bowling game.

I hope this information has been informative? I would like to hear your comments on what you think? Any advice for purchasing a ball especially for beginners that you may have that I did not cover would be great?

Thanks, Tony

Is Bowling Exercise?

So people ask is bowling actually exercise? The short and long answer is “Yes”! Of course there are some things people partake in that offset some physical activity of bowling such as drinking, pizza, wings, and of course burgers 🙂 Either way bowling is still exercise.

Why is it exercise? Let’s think about it? 

First of all you are throwing a 10 – 15 pound bowling ball. Second you are walking and bending your legs every time.

Third thing is that you use multiple muscles when bowling.

Simply put you are using repetitive arm swinging, bending, which uses arms, back, chest, and legs.

Food for Thought

I find working out can get repetitive and boring so mixing in fun activities that are still exercise. Did you know that 1 hour of bowling can burn between 220 and 320 calories (mayo clinic)

Think about that! That is more burning more calories than walking 2 miles in 1 hour.

Did you also know bowling uses over 100 muscles per game.

Bowling is great for people of all ages so any type of getting the body active is beneficial.

Social Benefits

A factor in peoples lives that seems to pass them by is social and health benefits.

Therapists say bowling is the ideal sport for social benefits.

Bowlers typically spend time bowling with family and friends, which can significantly reduce stress. I am sure we could all use that in some form or another.

Does bowling replace hard physical exercise?

It depends on if you bowl for recreation or competitively? To keep it simple any exercise helps lower your risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes. Competitive bowling and bowling up to 10 games or more in one day is definitely hard physical exercise.

In Conclusion

I just wanted to talk about bowling as a physically active exercise alternative to just going to the gym day after day. I believe a lot of people can relate and are looking for different ways to stay active. Bowling is a great alternative especially in the cold winter and hot summers. I would like to hear what you think about bowling as an alternative exercise? Thanks again!

Quick Bowling Tips for Beginners

I see some rookie mistakes that can be easily helped. Things like picking out a house bowling ball, where to look when throwing the ball and simple etiquette rules. I hope to help make bowling experience more enjoyable.

How to choose the right bowling ball for you?                  

Finger Holes: Find the Right Fit for your

Choosing finger holes and finding the right fit for you. The best way to check the bowling balls is to stick your fingers into the holes and pull them out slowly. You are looking for holes that will fit but not be too loose, on a similar note too snug can cause you to not release the ball properly and could result in injury. Conversely the finger holes should not have big gaps when you put your fingers in because you may just start dropping the ball. Another part look for is how far the finger holes should be to the thumb hole. Check for the thumb and finger holes should be the length of your palm or as close as you can with the house bowling balls they offer.

Bowling Ball Weight to choose?

House balls come in a variety of weights and usually this is put on the cover (outside) of the ball. It is very important to use a ball that is the appropriate weight. If the ball is too heavy, you could hurt yourself. If it is too light, you may have no control of the ball at all. When I started I was shown an easy way to determine if a ball is too heavy, just hold the ball straight out in front of your body and see if you can comfortably hold the ball there for five seconds. If not, try this test again with a lighter option.

Where do I look when rolling the bowling ball?

Now this can be a preference based on comfortability. One thing I do not recommend is looking at the pins. There are a few options such as looking at the foul line, the arrows, or dots down lane. The easiest for beginner bowlers I believe is looking at the arrows. Just looking at a spot every time you roll the ball can increase your scores significantly which in turn will be more enjoyable for you.

Keep in mind the more advanced you get there are different ways of targeting your mare but that is for later advice 🙂

Simple Etiquette for Beginners

Super easy look to your right and then too your left and make sure no one is right next to you already bowling. Just wait for them to go. It is called 1 lane courtesy. Also, stand back and not on the approach when someone else is already going. Try not yelling things just as a bowler is bowling.

Always have Fun!

I hope these little bits of advice help make your bowling experience more enjoyable! I would love to hear any advice you have for beginners or new bowlers?

Bowling for Beginners

So now you have joined a Bowling League. What to do now? Of course having fun is just automatic! I believe there are a few things beginner bowlers of all ages should consider. When I started some simple guidance would have been helpful. I will also try to slowly provide content for beginner bowlers up to a little more advanced bowlers. I am trying to keep everything simple to start because the main objective is to have fun!

Starting League – Bowling Shoes

Ok, so as a new bowler you may be asking yourself “Why do I need Bowling Shoes?”.  The bowling alley does provide shoes, however, they are used shoes. I am a little bit of a Germaphobe so I ask myself “How many people have touched and warn these shoes?” Then I think to myself “what if someone liked to go to the bathroom and not wash their hands when their done?” Now I know I may be a little extreme in my thinking but seriously most people probably do not like wearing other people shoes.

Second,you do have to pay for bowling shoes every time you go bowling. It is usually $4 to $6 dollars per pair of shoes which is a lot and adds up quick. You can purchase decent bowling shoes around $30 to $50 dollars which will save you a lot of money in the long run believe me.

Third, your own bowling shoes are much safer than the bowling alley shoes. Bowling alley shoes can be very sticky or super slippery which can cause injuries. Also, may cause you to fall which can be embarrassing and believe me I know I have had it happen 🙂

Just buy yourself some bowling shoes as they will save you money, prevent injuries, and possibility of severe embarrassment.

Bowling Towel/ Rosin

Purchasing a bowling towel is simple and cheap. When bowling your hands may get sweaty or you may get sweaty. If your hands get sweaty or greasy from food and you may drop the ball (can be embarrassing as well). Side note: If you are going to eat while bowling such as french fries, hamburgers, and of course chicken wings, try to use your none bowling hand or at least use a towel. Putting greasy hands in a bowling ball will for sure cause you to drop it.

Rosin is also great for leagues where you bowl multiple games. If you get sweaty using a rosin ball or pack can dry your hands quickly making it easier to hold on to the bowling ball.

Super easy for you beginning bowlers just purchase a towel and rosin as they are cheap and very beneficial.

Beginner Bowling Ball

When you start bowling in league you will notice most people have their own bowling balls and some have multiple bowling balls. My thoughts for new bowlers is to bowl a few weeks with a house ball just get the hang of bowling. I recommend when you are are ready to purchase a ball just start with something simple such as a Urethane ball. I see some people buy a plastic ball to start with but my theory on buying plastic is to wait until you are more advanced as a bowler and can be used as a spare ball. Most house bowling balls are plastic to begin with anyways.

I will be getting more into bowling balls with coming up posts. Bowling balls can be expensive and there are so many options and a lot to learn that beginner bowlers do not have to worry about.

Beginners Bowlers – Have Fun

Having fun seems so easy. I see a lot of people just getting started get mad or upset they are not bowling better. As with anything getting better takes time and practice. To me whether you are an beginning bowler or advanced the goal is to have fun. For the more competitive types just take a deep breath and joke around with your bowling team and it will be an enjoyable experience. If you cannot relax after a hard days work there is always “Beer”!  Just kidding, but I really do think some people take themselves way to seriously!  Bowling is fantastic for people of all ages to relax and forget about work or school for a few hours.

Quick overview

1. Purchase new Bowling Shoes

2. Purchase Bowling Towel and Rosin

3. Purchase new Bowling Ball (urethane maybe to start with) when ready

4. Have Fun

Feel free to leave comments as I am always appreciative and open to feedback.

Bowling for Fun – Entertainment and Competition

Welcome to Bowling for Beginners and Bowling for Fun! A little background on myself I work from home and was turning into a hermit. I started checking around for things to do and I live in Arizona and it was the summer and it was way to hot outside for me anyway to do outdoor activities. I decided to join a Bowling league without knowing anyone and what a Great Decision!

My Drinking Team Has A Bowling Problem

– Social Benefits

It is hard in our current environment to unplug from technology. I work from home and found myself all day staring at my phone. I do end up in a youtube rabbit hole watching very unproductive things (examples: Tiny Homes, is big foot real, and my personal favorite time waster watching people react to videos of other peoples videos! Lol do not do this!) So with Bowling I have left out of the house and I make sure to not have my phone in front of me. I have met a great new group of friends. I am not a bar person so bowling is a perfect way to get out meet people, let loose, while doing an actual activity. I could go on and on about the benefits but at the very least it feels great to not be attached to my computer phone for a couples hours per day!

 – Competitive Benefits

I was an athlete and really missed competition. Believe it or not but bowling can be fun competitive or higher level competitive such as tournaments. For those of you who have the competitive spirit bowling can provide you with competition and the fun of competing for all levels. Be careful because bowling can be secretly addictive!

– Leagues

My advice is to join a league. I work from home and joined a league without knowing anyone and I now have a whole group of amazing friends! Leagues are fantastic for couples as well and a great way to get out. Especially if you are in a state where times of the year require indoor entertainment if you know what I mean.

– Quick Tips

I do recommend getting Bowling shoes. Many reasons for this 1. Shoe rental is expensive 2. Bowling shoes are very sticky ( some would say gross) 3. You look better! ( well some people anyway I don’t think it has helped me). If you do join a league I recommend a beginner bowling ball for yourself and I will get more into what type of bowling balls are good to start with later articles. Lastly if you are not bowling well there is always beer available and for kids milkshakes!

Bowling “Can be your go to competitive and enjoyment outlet”

In conclusion give bowling a try and just get out of the house. I am available for any advice getting started or tips for improving you bowling.


About Tony

Hi everyone and welcome to my Bowling for Beginners website. Bowling has become a passion of mine and over the years I have met many friends, paid for lessons, purchased numerous products and equipment in the Bowling world to try to improve my skill level but my main goal when I got started was to meet new people and have fun.

I now want to give back and really show people what an amazing sport bowling is! How much fun it is and a fantastic way to meet people and enjoy life. Also, for those competitive types some tips and knowledge to improve My game.


I have always loved bowling and growing up my Mom put me in a bowling league until I was 12 years old. I stopped bowling as I was involved in all kinds of other sports. Years later when I joined the work force a friend of mine asked if I wanted to be in a bowling league and I said “Sure sounds fun!” I forgot how much fun bowling is and started having a great time and meeting many new people.

As My know many of us enjoy competition and I was completely hooked. I got started getting lessons, bowling in more leagues, getting equipment, and even started bowling Tournaments. I then had a family tragedy and stopped bowling to take care of a loved one and did not bowl for a few years.

I got started working from home and realized I was becoming a hermit. I told myself I needed to something and I decided to join a bowling league even if I did not know anyone. I joined a league and it is one of the best decision I have made and I have met many new friends, been happier, and was able to compete. Absolutely sounds crazy but Bowling has made me a much happier person!


The reason I want to help others discover Bowling is because it can be an amazing way to meet people and have fun. Bowling is also great for competitive people to learn about bowling and compete.


My goal is to introduce as many people as I can to all the benefits of Bowling. Excitement of bowling in leagues and meeting many new people (My know socializing) other than online. Help those who want to improve at all levels from beginner to advanced.

If My ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help My out.

All the best,


Founder of Bowling for Beginners