Bowling for Beginners

So now you have joined a Bowling League. What to do now? Of course having fun is just automatic! I believe there are a few things beginner bowlers of all ages should consider. When I started some simple guidance would have been helpful. I will also try to slowly provide content for beginner bowlers up to a little more advanced bowlers. I am trying to keep everything simple to start because the main objective is to have fun!

Starting League – Bowling Shoes

Ok, so as a new bowler you may be asking yourself “Why do I need Bowling Shoes?”.  The bowling alley does provide shoes, however, they are used shoes. I am a little bit of a Germaphobe so I ask myself “How many people have touched and warn these shoes?” Then I think to myself “what if someone liked to go to the bathroom and not wash their hands when their done?” Now I know I may be a little extreme in my thinking but seriously most people probably do not like wearing other people shoes.

Second,you do have to pay for bowling shoes every time you go bowling. It is usually $4 to $6 dollars per pair of shoes which is a lot and adds up quick. You can purchase decent bowling shoes around $30 to $50 dollars which will save you a lot of money in the long run believe me.

Third, your own bowling shoes are much safer than the bowling alley shoes. Bowling alley shoes can be very sticky or super slippery which can cause injuries. Also, may cause you to fall which can be embarrassing and believe me I know I have had it happen 🙂

Just buy yourself some bowling shoes as they will save you money, prevent injuries, and possibility of severe embarrassment.

Bowling Towel/ Rosin

Purchasing a bowling towel is simple and cheap. When bowling your hands may get sweaty or you may get sweaty. If your hands get sweaty or greasy from food and you may drop the ball (can be embarrassing as well). Side note: If you are going to eat while bowling such as french fries, hamburgers, and of course chicken wings, try to use your none bowling hand or at least use a towel. Putting greasy hands in a bowling ball will for sure cause you to drop it.

Rosin is also great for leagues where you bowl multiple games. If you get sweaty using a rosin ball or pack can dry your hands quickly making it easier to hold on to the bowling ball.

Super easy for you beginning bowlers just purchase a towel and rosin as they are cheap and very beneficial.

Beginner Bowling Ball

When you start bowling in league you will notice most people have their own bowling balls and some have multiple bowling balls. My thoughts for new bowlers is to bowl a few weeks with a house ball just get the hang of bowling. I recommend when you are are ready to purchase a ball just start with something simple such as a Urethane ball. I see some people buy a plastic ball to start with but my theory on buying plastic is to wait until you are more advanced as a bowler and can be used as a spare ball. Most house bowling balls are plastic to begin with anyways.

I will be getting more into bowling balls with coming up posts. Bowling balls can be expensive and there are so many options and a lot to learn that beginner bowlers do not have to worry about.

Beginners Bowlers – Have Fun

Having fun seems so easy. I see a lot of people just getting started get mad or upset they are not bowling better. As with anything getting better takes time and practice. To me whether you are an beginning bowler or advanced the goal is to have fun. For the more competitive types just take a deep breath and joke around with your bowling team and it will be an enjoyable experience. If you cannot relax after a hard days work there is always “Beer”!  Just kidding, but I really do think some people take themselves way to seriously!  Bowling is fantastic for people of all ages to relax and forget about work or school for a few hours.

Quick overview

1. Purchase new Bowling Shoes

2. Purchase Bowling Towel and Rosin

3. Purchase new Bowling Ball (urethane maybe to start with) when ready

4. Have Fun

Feel free to leave comments as I am always appreciative and open to feedback.

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