Bowling for Fun – Entertainment and Competition

Welcome to Bowling for Beginners and Bowling for Fun! A little background on myself I work from home and was turning into a hermit. I started checking around for things to do and I live in Arizona and it was the summer and it was way to hot outside for me anyway to do outdoor activities. I decided to join a Bowling league without knowing anyone and what a Great Decision!

My Drinking Team Has A Bowling Problem

– Social Benefits

It is hard in our current environment to unplug from technology. I work from home and found myself all day staring at my phone. I do end up in a youtube rabbit hole watching very unproductive things (examples: Tiny Homes, is big foot real, and my personal favorite time waster watching people react to videos of other peoples videos! Lol do not do this!) So with Bowling I have left out of the house and I make sure to not have my phone in front of me. I have met a great new group of friends. I am not a bar person so bowling is a perfect way to get out meet people, let loose, while doing an actual activity. I could go on and on about the benefits but at the very least it feels great to not be attached to my computer phone for a couples hours per day!

 – Competitive Benefits

I was an athlete and really missed competition. Believe it or not but bowling can be fun competitive or higher level competitive such as tournaments. For those of you who have the competitive spirit bowling can provide you with competition and the fun of competing for all levels. Be careful because bowling can be secretly addictive!

– Leagues

My advice is to join a league. I work from home and joined a league without knowing anyone and I now have a whole group of amazing friends! Leagues are fantastic for couples as well and a great way to get out. Especially if you are in a state where times of the year require indoor entertainment if you know what I mean.

– Quick Tips

I do recommend getting Bowling shoes. Many reasons for this 1. Shoe rental is expensive 2. Bowling shoes are very sticky ( some would say gross) 3. You look better! ( well some people anyway I don’t think it has helped me). If you do join a league I recommend a beginner bowling ball for yourself and I will get more into what type of bowling balls are good to start with later articles. Lastly if you are not bowling well there is always beer available and for kids milkshakes!

Bowling “Can be your go to competitive and enjoyment outlet”

In conclusion give bowling a try and just get out of the house. I am available for any advice getting started or tips for improving you bowling.


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