Bowling on Medium Dry and Dry Lane Conditions

A lot of bowlers who just start a league and even experienced bowlers struggle with dry lane conditions. Dry lane conditions can be very very frustrating for all levels of bowlers.  Bowlers just starting seem to go for purchasing the big strong hooking high end bowling balls which typically do not match up with dry lanes.

Dry Lanes – Heads (Front), Mid-Lane (Middle), Back-End (End)

  • To understand dry lanes a bowler must first understand that there are different areas of the lane that could be dry.
  • The heads are the front part of the lane after the foul line for simplicity sake the first 15 feet of the lane before the arrows. Most bowlers in league have at least a little hook. So a very simplistic way to tell if the front part of the lane is dry is to pay attention to your bowling ball when you lay the ball down on the lane. Watch if your ball is immediately going left if you are right handed or the opposite for left handers. An easy way to observe if your ball is not rolling down lane as usual and hooking immediately at your feet the heads (front) are probably super dry.  Many bowlers do not even pay attention to the front part of the lanes, so please pay close attention to the front part of the lane because if you do you will be one step a head of a lot of bowlers.
  • When the midlane is dry the bowling ball will hook early in the middle part of the lane sounds simple enough but you would be surprised to know most people do not look at where the ball is hooking. Mainly people just say the lanes are really dry.
  •  With back-end dryness you typicall will see the ball roll through the heads and midlane then do a violent turn on the back of the lane. The whole lane could be dry which is a completely different story. lol.

Bowling Balls Characteristics For Medium Dry and Dry Lanes?

First thing to look for when choosing a ball for dry lanes is to purchase a non-aggressive bowling ball. Typically, look for polished, shiny, and poly-urethane (coverstock) are all recommended for dry lane conditions. Bowling balls have 2 types of cores:

  • Symmetrical Core: Typically more consistent and motion overall, (used more on dry, medium dry, to medium oil lane conditions)
  • Asymmetrical Core: More aggressive, more angular shape down lane, responds quicker to friction (used more on Heavy, medium oil lane conditions).

What bowling ball should I get for medium dry to dry lanes?  

Below are some highly recommended balls for medium dry to dry lanes:  


Drilling Option layouts Medium Dry and Dry Lanes?

This may sound too simplistic but seek a professional such as a Bowling Shop operator.  There are many different ways to drill to help combat different lane conditions.

Factors to Consider when choosing a drilling layouts:

  • Your Bowling Style (I am assuming if you are choosing bowling balls for lane conditions you know your style) if not ask the Pro shop operator to watch you throw a few balls.
  • Ball Speed – Very Slow (12-13 MPH), Slow(13-15 MPH), Medium(15-17 MPH), Fast(18-20 MPH), (21-25 MPH) Very Fast
  • What are you looking for your ball to do? Examples: roll earlier, roll later, read the mid-lane, strong continuous roll, strong back end reaction?
  • Tip- pay attention to bowlers with similar styles and pay attention to what is working for them? Examples- What type of ball are they using? How is it drilled? Pin location? Etc.


Research Help Internet:

Some sites I use all the time when choosing bowling equipment and/or needing advice include: - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day


  • Once I find what I am looking for I do check Amazon to get a feel if I am getting a good deal or not? If I am getting a good deal from one of the recommended sites I like to order directly from these sites because their guidance, advice, and vast knowledge they have led me to my choose of bowling ball and/or equipment.


  • For you visual learners I also enjoy checking out Youtube and really enjoy the channels- Brad and Kyle, JR Raymond, and Ronald Hickland Jr


The more serious you get at bowling the more complicated it can become. My advice is too focus on one task or piece of knowledge you are looking for at a time.

I started this site to help beginner bowlers but really enjoy helping bowlers of all skill levels and the best advice again for all levels is too try and not overwhelm yourself and enjoy bowling and take everything one step at a time.

Bowling on medium dry to dry lanes can be very frustrating but it does not have to be! Hopefully, this article helps with getting the basic knowledge on how to bowl on these lane conditions.

For my more advanced bowlers hopefully you picked up something? If not check out the different bowling sites I have recommended.

Please let me know if any of this advice has helped or if you learn anything from my highly recommended sources?

I would really appreciate any feedback? Thanks again!






















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