Bowling Practice (Keep it Simple)

Once I started really enjoying and getting into bowling I wanted to get better really fast. This is what people do not understand in general, they have know idea how technical bowling is! When starting to practice you learn really quick and will think to yourself, “Wow, there is a lot more to bowling than I thought!” When I started I felt my brain was going to explode and didn’t know where to start. Just a few things that went through my mind “what type of bowling equipment do I need?” “Crap there are like 50 options for shoes and like a million options for bowling balls?” “Wow, bowling balls are expensive!” “How should I get my ball drilled?” “What should I practice first?” “How do I hold the ball?” “How many steps should I take?” “How do I release the ball?” “Where do I stand?” “What? there are different oil patterns on the lanes?” “I have to move and adjust?” “Where do I stand for spares?” etc. etc. LOL.

Where do I even start?

One thing at a time!

I am assuming if you are at the practice level that you at least have your own bowling shoes and at least 1 bowling ball of your own. What I have learned real quick when practicing is to plan and work on one thing at a time when starting to practice. I am going to keep this section real simple. Practice one thing at a time and absolutely do not pay attention to your score at all! Sounds easy right? Nope, it is so easy to think of something else when you are practicing to work on. It is also super easy to pay attention to what others are doing next to you and want to start scoring just because a lot of us are naturally more competitive than we think. I don’t care what it is you want to practice but pick it and focus on it period.Pick something and if you can’t decide you can always practice with someone you trust or get a coach. I will warn anyone learning that everyone loves giving advice and it will all be different. I have also learned that most people have know frickin idea what they are talking about so be very careful who you listen too and I just learned not to even ask especially during league. Getting too much advice from to many people will only give you a huge headache!

Spares! Spares! Spares!

bowling ball pins

Oh man, this is so simple if you want to get your average up immediately work on spares! Amazingly though I rarely see anyone working on spares when they practice. During league though you will hear a ton of people upset about missing spares (also known as bitching). Even if you practice one game on a particular common spare you leave each week (such as a 10 pin) and start picking it up even 20% more your average would easily go up 10 pins or more. For beginners, it is recommended to use the Bowling 3-6-9 spare system you can check =>, Inc., FREE SHIPPING, Every Item, Every Day – No Minimums. It’s Where Bowlers Go!

Should I get a coach?

Pick something are real serious at about getting better quick get an experienced knowledgeable coach. A couple things about coaches to consider is personality, experience and expenses of lessons. Does your personality fit theirs? How much experience do they have? Do your research? How much does each lesson cost?

I will say that the right coach and sticking with consistent coaching can help exponentially, especially when new. A good coach can you specific things to work on and free your mind from all the clutter.

I hear some people say never get a coach, but I mean think about it even the best bowlers in the world get coaching.


Form First Please man bowling

I really believe this is important. Yes, I believe you should get a new ball and spare ball drilled for your best fit but I see some people keep buying new equipment over and over in hopes to help their game. Yes, the more advanced you get as a bowler you will definitely need an Arsenal. I can tell you how many people I see buying all kinds of equipment and can barely pick up 30%-50% of non-split spares (make able spares). These same people can only hit their mark they are looking at like 1 out of 5 tries if they are lucky. Seriously, why spend $200 dollars per ball over and over and not get any better.Pick something really want to get better when starting work on spares, timing, release, reading lanes, accuracy. Instead of spending all this money on equipment when you start try getting a coach which would be much more valuable it you actually want to get better.


I really hope the message I got across in this article is to focus (keep it simple) when practicing. Work on repeating shots, practice spares always, and get help (from the right person/coach) first before buying all kinds of equipment. I see some people with like 8 bowling balls and can’t even average 200 on a house shot! A lot of those same people are always complaining. Just a pet peeve of mine, bowling leagues are a great place for enjoying yourself and a great release for a lot of us from long work days and a break from the pressures of life, and it sucks bowling with or against people that bitch and complain the whole time and this goes for the high average players as well! There are tournaments and scratch leagues for more serious bowlers. Sorry for venting at the end but man what a buzzkill some people are.

Let me know what you think about practicing? Any tips? Thoughts on coaching?

Thanks again and I really appreciate any feedback!

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