Is Bowling Exercise?

So people ask is bowling actually exercise? The short and long answer is “Yes”! Of course there are some things people partake in that offset some physical activity of bowling such as drinking, pizza, wings, and of course burgers 🙂 Either way bowling is still exercise.

Why is it exercise? Let’s think about it? 

First of all you are throwing a 10 – 15 pound bowling ball. Second you are walking and bending your legs every time.

Third thing is that you use multiple muscles when bowling.

Simply put you are using repetitive arm swinging, bending, which uses arms, back, chest, and legs.

Food for Thought

I find working out can get repetitive and boring so mixing in fun activities that are still exercise. Did you know that 1 hour of bowling can burn between 220 and 320 calories (mayo clinic)

Think about that! That is more burning more calories than walking 2 miles in 1 hour.

Did you also know bowling uses over 100 muscles per game.

Bowling is great for people of all ages so any type of getting the body active is beneficial.

Social Benefits

A factor in peoples lives that seems to pass them by is social and health benefits.

Therapists say bowling is the ideal sport for social benefits.

Bowlers typically spend time bowling with family and friends, which can significantly reduce stress. I am sure we could all use that in some form or another.

Does bowling replace hard physical exercise?

It depends on if you bowl for recreation or competitively? To keep it simple any exercise helps lower your risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes. Competitive bowling and bowling up to 10 games or more in one day is definitely hard physical exercise.

In Conclusion

I just wanted to talk about bowling as a physically active exercise alternative to just going to the gym day after day. I believe a lot of people can relate and are looking for different ways to stay active. Bowling is a great alternative especially in the cold winter and hot summers. I would like to hear what you think about bowling as an alternative exercise? Thanks again!

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