Joining a Bowling League – What to Expect?

Joining a bowling league has many benefits!

The most important thing is bowling is so much Fun!

When you are like me and work from home it forces you to get out and socialize. A huge benefit for me is an escape from technology. I am on my computer and phone all day as many of us are and for me it is really nice just to hang out with friends and do something I enjoy without being tied to these devices. With that being said, nowadays many people bowling just sit and stare at their phones all night go throw their shot and come right back and stare at their phones. Seriously, what is the purpose of even going bowling or getting out? Sorry, I am now just venting and not writing an article but it is a huge pet peeve of mine! People try to enjoy life a little and get off your damn phones! OK, so where was I? Oh yeah, I will go over some of what can you expect when joining a league?


Joining a league the biggest expense is your weekly pay in. Typically, you should expect to pay $20.00 – $30.00 dollars per week. Also, expect to pay to weeks up front the first week. When you are just starting and not in any other leagues you will have to pay a Sanction fee once per year and that is usually $25.00. Buy your own bowling shoes right away. Renting bowling shoes will cost $4.00 – $6.00 dollars per week. I don’t care if you get cheaper bowling shoes just get them because you will pay way more if you rent them. Bowling alley shoes suck anyways! Other expenses could include cost for food, beer, and lyft or uber if you drink too much. Lol You will get paid at the end of the season and how much depends on what place you finish. I hope this helps these are just the basic expenses. For bowling shoes check:

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Lane Conditions

Yes there are different lane conditions. Changes in lane conditions come from different bowling allies, different lanes, who is bowling on the lanes, amount of oil, house pattern vs sport pattern leagues. This is more of an introductory to lane conditions and I will get into a lot more detail in later articles to help in the future and for people advancing with their bowling skills. A typical house shot is heavily oiled in the middle of the lane, usually out to the 10 boards on each side (10 board is the second arrow on each side). The oil in the middle usually goes to about 30 to 40 feet. Each bowling alley could have some variance but that is a basic start. Multiple people are bowling on the same lanes at the same time, therefore, the lane conditions will change during league. Typically, on a house shot the outside will start drying up first and you will have to move left if your ball starts hooking too much. When you are missing the head pin to the right on a house shot you will need to move right on average. There are a lot of ways to attack a house pattern and most people bowl in the same area. I will have a detailed article on lane conditions in the future.

Have Fun

Bowling is fun. Enjoy, talk to people. It amazes me how serious some people get about their bowling. While I understand being competitive, I believe if you are getting that competitive join a sport leagues or start bowling tournaments. I also understand getting upset but most bowlers bowl recreationally and there to have fun. Please do not ruin the vibe for everyone. I know this is a foreign concept but socializing is actually healthy but I see so many people stare at their phones the whole time (see above rant on my feelings on this topic).


This article is more for a novice bowler looking to join a league. Give it a try is what I say and can be done year round no matter the climate. For those who are thinking of joining a league or recently have I would love to hear your thoughts? I also always love hearing Bowling league stories of ridiculous over the top league bowlers or terrible bowling alley’s? Lol

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