Quick Bowling Tips for Beginners

I see some rookie mistakes that can be easily helped. Things like picking out a house bowling ball, where to look when throwing the ball and simple etiquette rules. I hope to help make bowling experience more enjoyable.

How to choose the right bowling ball for you?                  

Finger Holes: Find the Right Fit for your

Choosing finger holes and finding the right fit for you. The best way to check the bowling balls is to stick your fingers into the holes and pull them out slowly. You are looking for holes that will fit but not be too loose, on a similar note too snug can cause you to not release the ball properly and could result in injury. Conversely the finger holes should not have big gaps when you put your fingers in because you may just start dropping the ball. Another part look for is how far the finger holes should be to the thumb hole. Check for the thumb and finger holes should be the length of your palm or as close as you can with the house bowling balls they offer.

Bowling Ball Weight to choose?

House balls come in a variety of weights and usually this is put on the cover (outside) of the ball. It is very important to use a ball that is the appropriate weight. If the ball is too heavy, you could hurt yourself. If it is too light, you may have no control of the ball at all. When I started I was shown an easy way to determine if a ball is too heavy, just hold the ball straight out in front of your body and see if you can comfortably hold the ball there for five seconds. If not, try this test again with a lighter option.

Where do I look when rolling the bowling ball?

Now this can be a preference based on comfortability. One thing I do not recommend is looking at the pins. There are a few options such as looking at the foul line, the arrows, or dots down lane. The easiest for beginner bowlers I believe is looking at the arrows. Just looking at a spot every time you roll the ball can increase your scores significantly which in turn will be more enjoyable for you.

Keep in mind the more advanced you get there are different ways of targeting your mare but that is for later advice 🙂

Simple Etiquette for Beginners

Super easy look to your right and then too your left and make sure no one is right next to you already bowling. Just wait for them to go. It is called 1 lane courtesy. Also, stand back and not on the approach when someone else is already going. Try not yelling things just as a bowler is bowling.

Always have Fun!

I hope these little bits of advice help make your bowling experience more enjoyable! I would love to hear any advice you have for beginners or new bowlers?

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